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Like A Paradise
*quote for someone*
Tuesday, May 19, 2009 • 7:03 PM • 0 comments

kehidupan memerlukan pengorbanan,

pengorbanan memerlukan perjuangan,

perjuangan memerlukan ketabahan,

ketabahan memerlukan keyakinan,

keyakinan menentukan kejayaan,

kejayaan pula menentukan kebahagiaan.
~pastikan kepastian yang pasti untuk memastikan kepastian yang pasti kepastiannya~
dedicate this quote to someone that i called bestfriend.
hope she can take this quote as a inspiration in her life.
dear, whatever happend in your life.
so must be strong.
p/s: apa yg penting? kerjasama!
ada kene mengena ke?

xoxo, The Shining Star


LobLob Dhia
Hi,im nasha aziz eh? DHIA. 24 Y.O, pendek, hidung kemek! love you if you love me more! enuff fer that

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