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Like A Paradise
Tuesday, June 23, 2009 • 11:48 AM • 0 comments

hey2! kami la sailormoon! gagagaga~~
nie la mmbr2 yg rapat kat campus. pix di ambil menggunakan camera cikuntik a.k.a siti setelah selesai class international business law. kami juga telah ponteng class selepasnye kerana didapati lecturer tak kan masuk.haha.
pg td class international business. lecturer late masuk. well. tp he got reason k! his daughter in hospital n he must take care of others daughter. his wife at hospital. hmm. when he want to tell about his daughter, he look like sad. want to cry and everything.. his daughter's name is PUTERI KHAIRUNNISA. ok!
tak ngajar pon.yea ar. 1st class kan. then wt meeting pasal IBES(International Business Society). got activity. 1st, exchange students. nnty ada lebey kurang 10 students from U.S.A dtg kat campus n doing activity with us!
new life.campus life.quit bz.but still have time to update my blog~

xoxo, The Shining Star


LobLob Dhia
Hi,im nasha aziz eh? DHIA. 24 Y.O, pendek, hidung kemek! love you if you love me more! enuff fer that

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