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Like A Paradise
Wednesday, May 5, 2010 • 2:27 AM • 2 comments

writing alone in my room with miss someone. can't sleep thinking of ours~ any solution for that problem dear? im already give you a solution but u keep silent n never let me know the answer.

i believe that we can solve our problem together without any obstacle.
i always be with u n never let u go.
*currently crying because i really miss u*

i believe that one day,
we can "together" and make a better life.

can i know how to be strong?
i miss your "breathlove"
i miss your hug..ur kiss..ur touch..

p/s: ayie.saya sayang kamu.
pls jgn pergi dr idupku lg!

xoxo, The Shining Star


LobLob Dhia
Hi,im nasha aziz eh? DHIA. 24 Y.O, pendek, hidung kemek! love you if you love me more! enuff fer that

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